...Do you prefer fairness to unfairness?
Most of us like fairness and
dislike unfairness.
Fairness intuitively and logically appeals to our hearts and minds
as it brings us peace and harmony.
Unfairness painfully upsets our hearts and minds
as it brings us conflict and discord.
Yet regardless of our desire for fairness,
unfairness remains too much a part of our ongoing lives,
in part, because of c
in understanding
fairness and unfairness in our daily lives.

For example,
"selfish" commonly means unfairly favoring oneself over others.
It's a term that makes sense and can be useful.
But what about its antonym, "un-selfish"?
Selfish is unfair, but is un-selfish fair?
ot necessarily!
Sometimes it is and
sometimes it isn't.
Un-selfish is an illogically ambiguous term
that often leads to confusion.
To clear up this confusion,
we redefine
unselfish into two terms:
otherish a
nd fairish.

Otherish is that previously unnamed extreme
where favoring others over oneself is the theme.
Otherish IS unselfish, but it isn't fair!

Fairish is the constructive middle range
between the destructive extremes of
selfish and otherish.
Fairish is a fair and balanced blend
of constructive
and constructive
Fairish is both unselfish AND fair.

Using the old simplistic terminology,
the choices have been:

Selfish and Unselfish
lots of confusion).

Using the new simpler way, the choices are:
(and much more understanding).

...Why fair-ish-er instead of just plain fair?...
Because fairness by its very nature is often imprecise.
Few situations in life are absolutely fair.
Realistically, fair-ish is as fair as living
is likely to get on any routine basis.
But in spite of this imprecision,
fairishness means gradually
becoming more (rather than less) fairish,
or fair-ish-er.

Please proceed to the Original Guide for a graphic presentation of this simpler, more balanced and logical way of understanding fairness in relations. And then to the less graphic but more moderately phrased "Selfishers, Otherishers
Fairishers" Chart.
Then refer to "becoming fairisher" for ways of applying these ideas to fairishize the relations in your life.

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