Becoming Fairisher

To further develop your sense of fairishness
and fairishness skills,
review the Guide in each of three ways:
1) all the way through for an overview.
color-by-color for a profile
of each extreme and the middle range between.
3) idea by idea for details.
Ponder and discuss these ideas
with yourselves, others, family, friends, groups and classes.

Anyone can become fairisher except
those who consistently perceive, feel, think and act
selfishly, otherishly or both
and choose to remain that way
even though they have become aware of their folly.

Your fairishness status may vary
at different times and in different relationships.
Try taking the self evaluation at different times
and in relation to different people,
to people in their various roles,
and to organizations, institutions, other entities and God.
Honestly and realistically evaluate your personality and actions
and make gradual, appropriate adjustments.

As fairishness becomes
a more dependable part of your life,
large amounts of energy
that were once wasted on tolerating unfairness
or trying to repair the damage that it causes
will become available for learning,
growth, creativity and productivity.
Friendship and love will become more rewarding
because unfairness will not sap them of their vitality.

So, whether you tend towards
too red or too blue,
too red and too blue,
tend towards the green
and you'll become fairisher too!